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Things to do in St.Maarten and St. Martin

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By Roberta Valins

Day Trips: Can be arranged at activity booths along the road or at nearest hotel.

Day Sailing in St Maarten!

Image1. Day sail to St. Barts. Bring passports with you. It is a rough trip. Use Dramamine! Enjoy the fresh Caribbean breeze as you sail from St Maarten to St Barts which is loaded with fine Italian, Creole, and French cuisine and exclusive views of the Caribbean waterfront. Read more about St Maarten Sailing!


Enjoy a St Maarten Ferry!

Image2.Day sail or ferry to Anguilla: Bring passports with you for this trip. Be prepared to enjoy fabulous beaches and wonderful St Maarten snorkeling. Shoal bay great. Wonderful restaurants too! A short distance from your St Maarten villa is a ferry or sail boat that will take you to the activities of Anguilla. Anguilla offers some of the Caribbean’s most exquisite snorkeling in the St Maarten area and remarkable beaches that make for an unforgettable St Maarten vacation!


Flights to Saba Island from St Maarten!

Image3. Flight to lovely island of Saba. Walk to the top of the mountain from Windward side. Have a lunch at one of hotels on the island. No beaches but it is a quaint little island. Travel from your St Maarten/St Martin villa rental to this secluded and private island. Pack a lunch and enjoy a peaceful Caribbean mountain hike to the top as you absorb the beauty surrounding you. This is more of a private St Maarten activity.


Enjoy the Pinel Island Beaches of St Maarten!

Image4. Spend a day on Pinel Island. Enjoy a short drive from your St Maarten villa to French Cul de Sac. Go to the end of the road and park. There are small boats that take you across the bay. There is a wonderful restaurant on this little island. The St Maarten snorkeling is fabulous here also. Tell Emile Larmony if he is your boat person that Roberta Valins sent you. This is a great St Maarten snorkeling destination. Find out more about snorkeling and scuba diving in St Martin.


St Martin clothing optional Orient Beach!

Image5. Spend one day at Orient Beach on the northeast coast of St Martin near the Grand Case Cottage. There are chaises for you to rent and many good little restaurants to have a fabulous lunch. Don’t shudder if your neighbor is naked. Just hope they bring a towel when they sit at a restaurant on this St. Martin beach! Orient Beach is a top fishing destination in St. Martin! Lots of other water sports available too! Parasailing and Kite sailing are just a few more activities that are available.


St Maarten museums and Philipsburg tourism!

Image6. There are two museums on the island. One in Philipsburg and one in Marigot. It might be worth an hour or two. Experience the St Martin/St Maarten history and culture that has made this Caribbean destination so remarkable. Spend the day at a St Maarten museum to learn about the natural beauty that St Maarten contains.


St Maarten Water-sports at Le Galion Beach

Image7. An afternoon at Le Galion Beach on French St Martin would be nice. They have a good water-sports area and the Butterfly farm is nearby. Stop to see what they have there. There is also a small zoo on the Dutch side near Madame Estates. This island is great to take your children to during your family St Martin/St Maarten vacation and your children will love the zoo in St Martin.


Grand Case dining and beach adventures!

Image8. Try the lolos cooking on the beach in Grand Case. The food is wonderful and inexpensive. Grand Case in northern St Martin is also a great fishing spot and home to some of the best fishing in St Martin. Walking the Grand Case beach, enjoying the dining, and swimming in Grand Case are only a few of the St. Martin things to do.


St Martin Creole Cuisine!

Image9. Try a local restaurant that serves Creole style food like Le Ti Coin in Grand Case or Le Creole in Marigot. Marks place in the unlikely location in the parking area of the Grand Marche Market outside of Philipsburg is a surprise to tourists but is a favorite of the local people. Crabs Farci and Acra are popular Creole dishes. St Martin is known for delicious Creole style food, which defines the culture of St Martin/St Maarten Island. Come experience the scrumptious Creole dining that awaits you, a short drive from your St Maarten/St Martin villa.


Markets and Shopping in St Martin!

10. Go to the market in Marigot on Wednesday or Saturday morning. Fun to walk around. Also stop in at Oro de Sol and Cartier, and Little Switzerland while you are in town. As the capital for the French St. Martin side of the island, Marigot is home to many St. Martin activities. This former fishing village is a great way to spend a day. Dining, shopping, or St Maarten boating, this town has it all!


Hiking Adventures in St Martin!

11. Hike up to Peak Paradise for a fabulous view. This hiking adventure in the town of Marigot will take you to the most fantastic views of St Maarten/St Martin. Enjoy this St Martin hiking activity and walk up to the top of Paradise Peak St Martin to explore the beauty that St Martin is known for!


Nightlife and Bars!

12. Hangout at some of the favorite local bars in St Martin and St Maarten. Go to Orient in northern St Martin and look for Andy and Cheryls place. Try the Sunset Bar on Maho Beach and watch the planes come in. Cheri’s Cafe at night has the best music on the island.This St Maarten activity is a great way to end a day of hiking St Martin, St Maarten snorkeling, and many other fantastic water sport activities on St Martin/St Maarten.


St Martin Yachting!

Image13. Drive up the road to the new Raddison Hotel in Anse Marcel. The road begins in French Cul de Sac. Beautiful yachts and views. By taking the short drive from your St Maarten vacation rental, you can experience more beautiful views of St Maarten. Don’t forget your camera!


Art Galleries in St Maarten!

Image14. Stop at the local galleries to see what the local artists have to offer. Greenwich Gallery in Philipsburg is good. For a look at some wonderful imports from the Far East, go to Plantation Furniture store in Orange Grove Shopping Center. Minguet Gallery is worthwhile too.You can get beautiful fabrics at Danielle in Belvedere Shopping center. Watch the local newspaper for art shows at galleries and shops. Do not miss the Roland Richardson Gallery on the property of La Samanna. You might meet the artist himself there or his lovely wife Laura. Treat yourself to a wonderful memory of the island by buying one of his very coveted paintings. The art galleries of St Maarten and St Martin are conveniently located within driving distance from your private St Maarten villa rental.


Wonderful St Maarten/St Martin Bakeries!

Image15. Bakeries that are great are located opposite the Match market in Howell Center and in the arcade where the USA market is located in Sandy Ground. Carl’s Bakery is wonderful for cakes and snacks. They have great meat cakes and other snacks for your afternoon cocktail hour. I think they have the best almond horns I ever tasted. It is on the Orange Grove Road. They have branches around the island. The bakery Cafe in Simpson Bay where the Widwards Island bank is located. They close early so get your bread and pastry before 3:00pm.

Very nice bakery outside of the SImpson Bay Yacht club. Great fro sandwiches, snacks, best bread and cakes. Try the elephant ears. Best I ever tasted.

St Maarten Snorkeling!

Image16. Drive over to Oyster Pond for good snorkeling and views. Have lunch at Busby’s. Dawn beach is here too. Lots of new restaurants to try also. St Maarten is a great place to do some snorkeling, and the best snorkeling in the Caribbean just may be here at Oyster Pond. While you stay at a rental villa in St Maarten, feel free to enjoy a day at this exquisite St Maarten/St Martin location, which is loaded with fun St Maarten activities.


Image17. A word of advice. Do not leave valuables in your car or trunk anywhere on the island. Take whatever is important with you or leave it home. At beaches, trunks have been broken into and things were removed. Don’t leave packages in trunk in town either.

Mullet Bay Golfing in St Maarten!

Image18. Golf is available at Mullet Bay. It costs about $100 a round with cart. St Maarten is where many vacationers come to golf on the elegant golf fields in St Maarten. If you are an avid golfer staying at a villa in St Maarten, then Mullet Bay golfing should be on your to-do list for St Maarten!


Vacation Shopping in St Martin/St Maarten!

Image19. Go to town when the cruise ships are not there. Shop after 5:00pm. Shops get quiet then. They close at 6:00PM. They will be open when cruise ships are in on Sunday. Return from your St Maarten vacation to bring your family souvenirs and gifts from the many St Maarten gift shops. The shops are scattered along the coast of St Martin/St Maarten and are a great St Maarten activity for anyone that enjoys shopping!


Sunset Sailing in St Martin/St Maarten!

Image20. Take a sunset sail. Again check my discount activity page where you book in advance. Take an island sail and then you can wave at your villa and tell everyone that is where you are staying. There little more unforgettable than a sunset sail in the Caribbean. A St Maarten sailing trip during nightfall is the icing on the cake to your St Maarten adventure!

St Maarten Spa and Massage!

21. Enjoy a spa or a massage in the comfort of your private St Maarten villa. Roberta can help guide you towards the best masseuse or masseur on St Martin or St Maarten island. Spas are located conveniently from your private villa or choose to receive a professional massage right at your vacation property. See more about St Maarten Spa and Massage.

Image22. Buy a local newspaper and see what is doing around town while you are there.Thursday is the day they have best things to do.

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