Scuba Diving in St. Martin

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St. Maarten Snorkeling

st martin scuba, diving, activitiesThe snorkeling and scuba diving in St. Martin is among the very best the world has to offer and a number of experienced diving instructors and guides are waiting to show island visitors the wonders of the Caribbean Ocean.

Our St. Maarten villa guests will find scuba instruction for all ages and ability levels. Many of the island resorts have their own dive centers, complete with charters, instruction, and guides. The island is also home to many independent certified dive instructors with decades of exploring the undersea world of St. Martin scuba diving. Contact the Villalady for recommendations and let us arrange the details of a St. Maarten diving adventure for you and your family.

St. Maarten Snorkeling in the Warm Caribbean Shallows

st martin scuba, diving, activitiesFantastic St. Maarten snorkeling is available from just about everywhere on the island. Many of the reefs are shallow and close to shore offering a unique St. Maarten snorkeling experience that usually requires scuba gear. Enjoy the pinks, yellows, and violets of the local fish species that dart among the varied coral formations.

Dawn Beach

st martin scuba, diving, activitiesDawn Beach on the east side of the island is a great St. Maarten snorkeling destination with a depth of 45 feet and incredible visibility. A beautiful reef is right off shore for close ups of the island’s Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, Sea Urchins, and colorful Corals of orange, purple, and red! Swim directly out to the sea-side of the reef for the best snorkeling and look out for reef squid along the way. When you call to book your St Maarten villa rental, ask the Villalady for advice on the best scuba diving and snorkeling experiences on the island.

Friar’s Bay

st martin scuba, diving, activitiesAnother fun St. Maarten snorkeling spot for the whole family is Friar’s Bay, a shallow 6 to 15 feet dive spot with a reef that runs from the shoreline out about 100 feet. Many small and colorful reef fish of golds, purples, and reds make call the bay home. Extensive gardens of purple Sea Urchins and Sea Anemones play host to Arrow Crabs, Banded Coral Shrimp, and Scarlet Ladies. This will be one of the best photo-ops of your St. Maarten villa vacation!

Ile Pinel

A wonderful St. Martin snorkeling adventure takes you southeast off of tiny Pinel Island. A pristine coral reef circles the island and is home to a kaleidoscope of lovely Sea Fans, Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Sea Anemones, and Spanish Hogfish. Take your time exploring this little slice of heaven and bring a new and wonderful set of memories home from your St. Maarten vacation.

St. Maarten Scuba Diving in the Coral Reefs & Ocean Deep

The Island of St. Maarten is surrounded by over 30 official dive sites, including 11 shipwreck sites, offering diving adventures to suit all ages and experience levels. Local dive operators will rent equipment to fully certified divers. Scuba diving lessons are available for all abilities and dive charters will take St. Maarten villa guests to explore the many pristine dive spots surrounding the island. Following the Villalady describes some of the most interesting scuba diving in St. Martin.

Proselyte Reef

This great dive site is off the southern coast of Dutch St. Maarten near Phillipsburg. Proselyte Reef’s five ridges are formed from old lava flows. The H.M.S. Proselyte foundered upon the reef in 1801 and now the wreckage is scattered throughout and hard to distinguish from the coral reef itself without closer examination. Take a closer look and the ship’s anchors and cannons can be found. This St. Maarten scuba diving site is home to sponges and coral that create a rainbow of orange, purple, pink, and bright red living sculpture. The scuba diving in St. Martin is abundant in both life and variety. The reef is home to skittering arrow crabs and colonies of cleaner fish that are eager to groom the Barracuda and Parrot fish that come to call.


st martin scuba, diving, activitiesSt. Maarten scuba diving has so much variety in store for the Caribbean traveler. Off the east side of the island, our St. Maarten rental guests can explore exhilarating Moonhole. Divers pass over a ridge at about 20 foot depth and drop down into this amazing large crater, full of open caves, gardens of coral, and walls of sponges. This reef teems with life including sea turtles, rays, bright reef fish, and even barracudas. Make this scuba diving adventure part of your St. Maarten villa vacation.

The Maze

st martin scuba, diving, activitiesOur St. Maarten rental guests can find great scuba diving just about anywhere on the island. The Maze is a fun St. Maarten scuba diving adventure with multiple branching channels of Elkhorn Coral and mini caves along the sides of ridge. Sea Turtles, Sting Rays, and Giant French Angelfish are among the many tropical species to be found among the corals of the Maze.

These are just a few of the sites great for snorkeling and scuba diving in St. Martin. Opportunities for both advanced and beginning divers are everywhere on the island. Our St. Maarten villa guests will never tire of new and interesting spots to explore when diving in St. Martin. Contact the Villalady for more information and for assistance with planning your St. Maarten diving adventure today. Visit our Things to do in St. Maarten list for more fun vacation ideas.

Octopus Diving
Octopus Diving

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